Identify More Leads with VisitorId


Visitor ID, an essential feature of Marketing Automation, lets you identify would-be anonymous visitors to your site. Sounds simple, but think about the fact that 98% of visitors usually leave a site without filling out a form—gone without a chance to engage and develop them into future leads and clients.

Anonymous No More

You can take advantage of this powerful feature thanks to reverse IP (Internet Protocol) lookup, to at least double your leads. The system collects company names, emails, and phone numbers. The result can double or even triple the number of leads your current traffic generates.

After all, drawing traffic to your website is only half the battle. Your ultimate goal is to inspire those visitors to take action and ultimately, generate more leads, more sales, and partly thanks to more effective use of your marketing spend, greater ROI. How can you improve on all these KPIs if you don’t know who’s visiting your site?

Lead Scoring

Our Visitor ID is the first step in following leads to see what they are searching for, how many pages they’ve visited, which ones, and how often, adding it all up to a lead score. You can specify selected pages as “important,” boosting a higher lead score for visits to these pages.

This dynamic feature does even more, as it charts every time your sales team interacts with a lead, and draws on key information to trigger automations you have established.

Soon, your top leads are getting personalized messages that build and nurture their level of interest. Before long, your sales funnel is humming, as the most valuable leads are captured, identified, contacted, and tracked.

VisitorID Daily Email

Tracking daily activity is the best way to stay on top of your website’s traffic and monitor progress toward achieving sales goals. You’ll get a quick, easy-to-digest snapshot each day that pulls data collected from all the VisitorID features, showing anonymous web visitors, leads, opportunities, and customers that have visited your site each day. Never mind logging into your app, just look at your daily email to scan the day’s leads with individual lead scores, contact information, and more.

Narrow Your Field

Hone in on the top targeted industries by specifying them in your settings. You’ll avoid being flooded with information about website visitors from industries you have no interest in. Our program goes one step further by automatically blocking out visitors we can identify as poor prospects.


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