Build Your Business Exponentially through Viral Loops

Viral Loops can turn your users into the best advocates for your business. It is no accident that certain products and services take off like wildfire while others don’t, the secret is building virility and sharing into your business.

In its simplest form a Viral Loop is a way to grow leads and sales via referrals.

So what can you do to build Viral Loops into your products?

There are 2 key ingredients that all Viral Loops must contain

A Tangible Benefit
Successful sharing comes from building an enticing benefit into your product or service examples include: More disk space (Dropbox), a discount on your next purchase (Uber), free lives (Candy Crush Game)

A benefit need not be tangible you make people feel good or important by sharing news and stories(Facebook), insider information (Scion), scores (Hardest Game Ever 2).

Built in sharing mechanisms
Viral loops make it easy to share information via techniques such as social media, email or SMS.


We start out by understanding your product or service. We then identify potential value propositions that would entice your target audience to share your message.

Building a viral loop requires understanding a lot about human behavior, sociology and utilizing technology to share your message, our cross functional teams work together to build a solution specifically design to meet your needs.


Once a viral loop is implemented we test and tweak the technique so that the cycle continues to repeat itself with more new customers creating a loop.

The benefits of viral loops are incredible:

  • Reduce the cost of user acquisition
  • Build trust with referrals from friends and co-workers
  • Grow your business quickly


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