Follow your customers as they search the web & recapture your most qualified leads with Retargeted Advertising.

Your marketing campaigns may do a great job at driving traffic to your site, but often, first-time site visitors aren’t ready to convert. This doesn’t always mean you have a poorly converting site; it may just mean that a lot of your site visitors aren’t quite at the end of the buying cycle—or at least not ready to make a purchase—no matter how impressed they are with your brand. At the end of the day, getting users to take action online is a very difficult process that is based on a multitude of factors, not all of which are in your control. This is why Retargeting is such an effective channel for online lead generation and sales acquisition.

Retargeting (also known as Remarketing) is a creative and powerful form of Display Advertising that tracks your site’s visitors and “retargets” them with ads on specific websites so you get a second or third chance to bring them back to your site, appeal to them when they’re further down the buying cycle, and convert them into happy customers. At National Positions, our marketing analysts have years of experience leveraging Retargeting to drive more qualified traffic back to clients’ sites, increase their conversion rate and optimize profits.

Recapture User Interest

Retargeting ensures that your brand remains in front of users’ eyes and maintains relevancy in the ephemeral and fast-moving digital landscape, so that you can bring bounced traffic back to your site and re-appeal to users who just weren’t ready to make a purchasing decision during their first interaction with your business.

National Positions’ analysts can track customers who have visited your site, even after they leave it, so that we know how to engineer your advertising campaign to generate more qualified leads likely to register a positive return on investment. We use powerful, innovative marketing technology to precisely track visitors who have left your site and then strategically target them with a useful ad when they’ve landed on a relevant site elsewhere. This provides better insight into what your visitors are doing when they leave your site, where they’re going, and how to get them back to you.

Increase Conversions with Retargeting

For any online marketing campaign, the key to generating valuable leads is increased visibility with targeted, qualified audiences likely to convert. Optimizing your site’s conversion rate and profitability is all about targeting visitors that are part of your target market. What makes Retargeting so effective is that the visitors you are bringing back to your site are extremely well qualified as second or third-time visitors, and all the more likely to convert.

Often, retargeting highly qualified visitors will produce a much better ROI than reaching out to new ones that may not be interested in your business. Retargeting increases your return on investment by complementing your primary marketing strategies and leveraging traffic that you’ve already paid for.

National Positions’ marketing analysts have proven strategies to leverage Retargeting to maximize your traffic, increase leads and drive new sales.


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