Reputation Management

Improve Your Online Reputation and Increase Brand Popularity

As much as the Internet can help your business gain exposure and grow, it also provides a huge microphone for customers and even competitors to drown out your once positive reputation with negative feedback online.

People believe what they read on the web.

And with 72% of consumers saying they trust online reviews and complaints as much as personal recommendations, having an affirmative online reputation that accurately reflects your business is essential. What people are saying about your company online matters. If your online reputation isn’t a fair representation of your brand, it can have a major impact on your business.

Overcome Negative Content

At National Positions, we specialize in online reputation management services that help customers find positive information on the search engines and review sites that matter most to your business.

First impressions matter most, and your business simply can’t afford to have negative feedback dominating your first page results on Google.  There’s nothing worse than seeing your brand’s online reputation tarnished by bad reviews and negative comments that are defamatory, or worse, downright lies.

The key to a positive online reputation is getting negative content pushed off the first, most crucial pages of the search results, which is where customers are looking for information. We leverage our proven reputation management strategies to push down negative content on the search results and promote positive content to the top of the search engines. Now, when customers are looking for your brand, they’ll find only the information you want them to see.

Build a Positive Reputation

Once we’ve drowned out negative content, we focus on creating and promoting relevant, high quality, positive content around the web. Our reputation management company specializes in creating search-friendly content in the form business listings, social media profiles, videos, microsites, blogs, press releases and much more.

We use innovative SEO and social media marketing strategies to promote this positive content to the top of the search results so that you have a proactive, positive brand that engages users and wins over new customers.

Review Management

Online reviews on top review sites can make or break your brand. Customers trust online reviews, and they go a long way in determining whether or not you’re an online success or pariah.

We can help you turn a liability into an asset and happy customers into free advertising.

We offer an innovative way to improve your online reviews and build a bridge to your next customer. Our review management system helps you monitor, collect and share customer reviews so you improve your reputation on the review sites that matter most to your business.


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