Organic Search

Get seen through the fog with Content-Centric SEO.

In order to be successful online, businesses need an organic search strategy that is 100% Google compliant, innovative and effective.

Among all sources of online traffic, search still dominates. And over 80% of all search traffic goes straight to the organic results. That’s why, for businesses that are looking to drive awareness, traffic and engagement online, having a powerful organic presence is non-negotiable.


Google’s goal is to deliver value to its users. That’s why ranking today requires not only an in-depth understanding of the technically optimized elements of search that Google will love, but the kinds of branding, content, and value that its searchers will love too.

An Overview of Content-Centered SEO Approach

Step 1. Technically Optimized Search-Aware Digital Assets

Makes sure  your website and owned media channels and all technical assets are optimized for the search engines.

Step 2. Content Production:

Creating compelling content with the aid of  tools such as Latent Semantic Indexing and Top Page Optimizer to create content that will drive more business.

Step 3. Content Promotion:

Marketing your content across your owned and paid media channels, while working to find influencers, bloggers and journalists to promote your content through earned media.

Proven Organic Search Results

Over the last few years, Google has released nearly 45 algorithm updates. Search is evolving, and National Positions knows optimizing for search means having a strategy that’s just as ready to adapt.

Google’s goal is to deliver value to its users. That’s why ranking today requires understanding not just what Google will love, but what its searchers will love too.

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Successful SEO means maximizing your relevance, your accuracy, and your authority so that Google will recognize your site as the best result possible.

In order to get you the rankings you need to grow, National Positions helps your brand build the trust with Google you need to get your business to the top of the search results pages.

Understanding your business, your competitors, and your market is essential to your success. That’s why our organic search campaigns begin with a competitive analysis to determine where you fit into your market, where you stand in relation to your competitors and what you need to do to connect with more customers online.

National Positions then performs in-depth keyword research and a detailed site analysis of your entire website to determine which keywords will be the most powerful for your campaign and which webpages will benefit most from search engine optimization.

Once we’ve created a comprehensive search strategy, our team works to enhance not just your site, but your entire online footprint, with Google in mind—through technical optimization, onsite optimization, link building, offsite promotion, content development that delivers real value to your target audience and more.

Our campaigns involve a comprehensive blend of traditional SEO, content marketing and social media, to ensure you’re showing up for the most relevant searchers for your customers, improving your standing with Google, increasing your visibility, and driving qualified traffic back to your site.


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