Lead Nurturing

Lead tracking, scoring, and nurturing…all automatically

Once a company starts utilizing a marketing automation platform, they’re going to get more leads then ever before. But what to do with all of these leads? Some leads will buy your product or service immediately, while others will not. If a company wants to take full advantage of the traffic that their website generates, they have to become experts at lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is the process of engaging a lead, and creating a relationship with that lead. This relationship will allow you to sell more of your products and services, up-sell your products and services, or cross-sell your products and services. In essence, what you’re doing is utilizing the information that your marketing automation system has gathered in order to create a meaningful relationship with your lead. This will lead to more sales, increased ROIs, and greater retention.

Lead Nurturing: Getting the lead ready for the sale

Often times leads that come to your website are not yet ready to buy. In fact, according to MarketingSherpa, 79% of leads don’t convert to sales. Much of this has to do with a lack of lead nurturing. A company that wants to convert their leads needs to be involved in lead tracking. This is the process of looking at where your lead is looking on your website, and where your lead is coming from. Our marketing automation program will automatically track your leads, and determine the best way to nurture those leads.

Many of your leads will come back if you give them free value. One of the best ways of doing this is to set up an automated DRIP campaign. This is where the marketing automation program determines what each specific lead that came to your site was looking for, and then sends them a number of customized email packed with useful content. These emails are sent out at specific pre-programed intervals, keeping the lead engaged once they leave your website. This type of strategy is highly effective at converting leads into loyal paying customers.

Lead Scoring: Sorting the hot leads from the cold leads


There are a number of very useful lead nurturing tools that are included in our marketing automation platform. One of the most useful ones is lead scoring software. Lead scoring software allows you to rank how hot or cold a lead is depending on what actions that lead takes.

For example, lets say a lead clicks on ten different pages on your website. Perhaps in your ranking system, that gives them a “plus five” ranking. Then the lead opens the email that you send them. That could give them a “plus ten” ranking.

However, if that lead doesn’t open your emails, that could indicate disinterest and it might give them a “minus five.” This type of scoring system allows sales people to judge how hot or cold a lead is, giving them the autonomy to determine which leads to spend time on, and which leads are less important.

Content Marketing, Evolved

When engaging in a lead nurturing campaign using marketing automation, one of the most important things to do is to provide customers with content that is of great value.

Studies have shown over and over that one of the best ways to convert clients is not to pitch them, but rather to give the clients high-quality free content. When they receive this content, it shows them that you are truly on of the top professional voices in your industry, leading to more conversions and sales.

Alternative Lead Nurturing Methods

Another way lead nurturing is used is to up-sell existing customers. With a marketing automation platform, a client will get automated emails at the optimal frequency to keep them excited about your company’s products and services. These emails will be packed with information and value, causing the existing customer to be more loyal to your company, and more likely to buy more of your products and services. These emails can also lead to cross sales, where clients buy different products and services that you provide.

Testing and Analyzing Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

Next, it is very important to set objectives and goals associated with each email you send the lead. A DRIP email campaign should be premeditated. One shouldn’t just be email leads, but should rather have specific goals with each email that is sent. Each email needs to be optimally timed to accomplish those goals. The email should have a time schedule that is determined by market research, and companies should use customized emails aimed at impacting the lead in the optimal manner. This can all be accomplished with a marketing automation platform, which is one of the reasons that using lead nurturing with a marketing automation platform is so powerful.

Lastly, it is very important in any marketing campaign that after you’re done with the lead, you evaluate what worked and what didn’t. One of the amazing things about using a marketing automation platform is that they are almost infinitely customizable. This means that after every engagement with a lead, you can look at how can you can furthered optimize your platform to 1) automate more of the work increasing efficiency, and 2) increase future sales for future leads. This type of approach to marketing will not only increase ROI and lead retention, but also allow more campaign automation increasing efficiency.

More Powerful and Inexpensive Than Ever

Lead nurturing is an important part of any online marketing campaign. With the availability of marketing automation to almost all businesses, it has never been easier to track and score leads in order to convert them into business. These are marketing strategies that companies must adopt if they want to optimize their efficiency, profitability, and effectiveness in the sphere of online marketing.


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