Toxic Link Removal

Recover your rankings and create a site that’s Penguin-friendly with toxic link removal.

In April of 2012, Google released an algorithm update that penalized sites with toxic links pointing back to their domains. The update, which Google called Penguin, was aimed at sites with “unnatural” link profiles and impacted millions of websites worldwide.

Basically any link that exists solely for the purpose of increasing your search rankings (and not to provide value to users) is unnatural. And while almost all sites have their share of unnatural links, only some were hit by Penguin, while others remained unharmed. Why? It’s all about your link profile as a whole and the percentage of unnatural links to those that are true, high-quality backlinks in varied forms.

Why Toxic Link Removal Matters

Thanks to Penguin, and the numerous algorithm updates that followed, sites around the world that once had incredible organic exposure and drove qualified traffic from search, have fallen out of favor with Google and right off the results pages.

So how do you know if your link profile is unnatural and how can you pinpoint which links Google is punishing you for?

If you’ve received a link warning email from Google, or even if your site has simply experienced a sudden and significant decrease in organic search traffic, you may have been hit by a Penguin update. Thankfully, while Google’s ongoing algorithm updates aren’t going away anytime soon, Google penalties don’t have to be permanent—if you go about recovering in the right ways.

Toxic links are the reason your rankings are suffering. In order to recover your rankings, you need to remove any unnatural links that are pointing to your domain that have flagged as suspicious or toxic and create a quality link profile that accurately reflects your brand’s online authority.

Ongoing link removal campaigns are designed to cleanse sites of toxic links and help them show Google they’re following their guidelines in order to recover their organic rankings, exposure and traffic as soon as possible.

Our Approach to Removing Toxic Links

Link removal is the key to rank recovery and the only way to return your site to its place in the search engine results pages. Our team of experts have a proven track record helping sites recover their rankings through our link removal services.

First, we conduct an audit of your entire backlink profile to determine which links are harming your site. Once we have pinpointed the links that are being penalized, we then create a custom rank recovery strategy through strategic link removal, link disavowal, the creation and submission of reconsideration requests to Google, and more so that you can clean up your link profile, create more high-quality links, and start recovering your rankings and traffic.


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