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Influencer Marketing

Harness the power of the modern day word-of-mouth marketing.

Today, being successful online means connecting with customers in an authentic, engaging way. That’s why National Positions has created the first scalable Influencer Marketing program that allows businesses in Los Angeles, CA to find, connect, and partner with the online Influencers that have the power to reach and impact potential buyers in their industry.

While most marketers understand the benefits content marketing holds for brand building and SEO, one of the biggest problems businesses in Los Angeles face is that the majority of the content they share online never finds an audience.

What is Influencer Marketing?youtube Influencer Marketing Los Angeles

Influencers have the power to create and share the kinds of content that will get your brand in front of those audiences.

Online influencers are people on the web who have large, active communities built around their blog or their social media profiles. True online influencers can engage your customers on the platforms they care about most, have opinions your customers trust and an impact on what they engage with, talk about, purchase and more.

Turning your brand’s biggest influencers into your brand’s biggest advocates is the key to scalable word-of-mouth marketing.

National Positions Influencer Marketing Services

Discovering and partnering with the right influencers, ensuring they follow through on projects and timelines, and paying them in secure and safe ways, however, is a complex process that’s time-consuming, costly, and difficult to scale.

But Influencer Marketing isn’t just for big brands in Los Angeles with even bigger marketing budgets.

With one of the fastest growing databases of online influencers, National Positions Los Angeles’ Influencer marketing program leverages these online trendsetters to create and publish sponsored content that’s affordable on almost any budget. This sponsored content not only gives your business an authentic and engaging spokesperson, but gets your brand in front of your customers and an enormous audience of potential leads on their favorite blogs as well as sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Based on your budget, your message, and your target audience our team will select the right influencers to promote your brand from our database. Our Los Angeles Influencer Marketing team handles everything from partnering you with the most powerful Influencers, to monitoring your sponsored content projects from creation to promotion, then tracking the Key Performance Indicators that drive real results.

Program Features:Influencer Marketing Los Angeles

• Target market research and consulting

• Partnered with Influencers based on unique scoring system that factors each Influencers industry, audience size, engagement, social impact and more

• Content Creation, Social Posting, and Content Placement monitored from creation to publication

• Maintain powerful Influencer relationships

Program Benefits:

• Reach a new audience

• Maintain influencer relationships

• Increase brand awareness

• Engage customers in authentic, meaningful ways

• Garner product endorsements

• Increase sales and customer retention

• Drive traffic and improve SEO


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