Ecommerce Channel Management

Expand Your Shopping Platform Options With Easy Management

As every online retail merchant can tell you, e-commerce businesses rely on a few major platforms to drive the vast majority of their traffic and revenue – Google, Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Bing Shopping, PriceGrabber, Nextag and a select set of other shopping engines and marketplaces.

While it can be easy to get your products found on these sites, driving quality traffic – at an efficient cost per click that converts at a profitable rate – is another matter entirely. Online retail is growing rapidly, but it’s also evolving rapidly, making it all the more important to have a quantitative methodology that optimizes for profitability, not merely clicks and revenue.

Our E-commerce Channel Management Approach

At National Positions, our performance marketing analysts specialize in E-commerce Channel Management and the most effective ways to amplify your online presence and grow your business in a meaningful way.

Organic Search is long-term marketing strategy, and traditional Paid Search can require a big advertising budget, but E-commerce Channel Management is one of the newest and most innovative approaches capable of driving long-tail traffic that is more targeted, cheaper and converts at a much higher rate.

Our analysts utilize E-commerce Channel Management to focus on product data feed optimization and management to align your online store with all the major shopping engines and marketplaces; we ensure your product data feeds are well structured, organized and perfectly aligned with your paid ad campaigns so you’re driving quality traffic to your most important categories and products.

To give you better insight into our approach, here are just a few of the steps we take to optimize your product data feeds:

  • Regular extraction of product data from your website’s shopping cart
  • Frequent data feed uploads with up to date product information
  • Data feed error troubleshooting
  • Constant monitoring to ensure up-time
  • Maximizing the product attributes in the data feed
  • Improvement or rewriting of product title
  • Re-writing product titles if necessary to obtain better relevance and higher positioning

Moreover, we take our teams creative and analytics skills and combine them with powerful e-commerce marketing technology that allows us to eliminate the technical difficulties you face and increase sales and revenue.

Our Technology for E-commerce Marketing

One of the keys to our success is our utilization of industry leading e-commerce marketing software that helps manage thousands of product data feeds swiftly and powerfully, and ensures your exposure on the top shopping engines and marketplaces within a few weeks of working with us. Our technology helps to maintain and optimize these channels, as well as give you the option of expanding to the multitude of profitable and less competitive pay-per-click shopping engines available. These shopping engines and marketplaces, once properly optimized, have the power to provide an immediate, steady flow of targeted traffic.

We leverage our various tools to create specialized data feeds of your inventory, further optimizing for targeted traffic, revenue and profitability. On an ongoing basis, we personally manage the technology to improve your data feeds to find ways to maximize your products’ exposure.


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