Display Advertising

Targeted Display Advertising designed to make your ads and your brand stand out from the crowd.

Display Advertising, which appears alongside web content on relevant websites, is a dynamic form of paid advertising that is an extremely effective means of driving cost-effective, quality traffic. For businesses that are looking to amplify their presence online and expand the marketing funnel with new various lead channels, Display Advertising (also commonly referred to as Banner Advertising) can be a great addition to your marketing mix.

At National Positions, our PPC analysts specialize in building profitable display campaigns focused on identifying key opportunities for growth, positioning your brand as an industry leader, and drive relevant traffic from around the web that converts and drives profit.

Our Approach to Digital Advertising

Our team leverages Display Advertising with its many forms—from text to graphics to audio to animation to video—to capture customer interest quickly and powerfully. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a user and get them to recognize your brand, and we focus on positioning your ads so your brand stands out from the online noise.  Our advertising experts specialize in targeting relevant users at the appropriate stage of the buying cycle so that your campaigns are always driving the most ROI possible.

Our team leverages a number of advanced targeting options that to target your ideal customers by extremely focused market segments, based on the network of sites we target, geography, user experience and browsing behavior, and much more. This sort of analytics targeting ensures that we deliver the right message to the right audience.  By combining quantitative marketing with creative content, we create memorable and powerful online experiences that win over new customers and grow your business.

How We Make Digital Advertising Work

Since Display Ads can be found anywhere from relevant industry blogs to social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook, Display Advertising gives your business access to an enormous audience of potential customers that would ordinarily be out of reach if you pursued on Paid Search advertising on the sponsored results on Google, Bing and Yahoo.  What’s more, Display Ads—and by extension Retargeting—allow you to keep your brand fresh and top of mind when your customers are ready to make a purchasing decision.

While click-through rates on Display Ads is invariably lower than you will find with Paid Search and Organic Search, certainly, National Positions marketing analysts have a ton of experience building Display campaigns that optimize your Adwords quality score, target relevant users, and drive clicks that convert at an extremely profitable rate. We build your campaign to ensure the visitors you’re driving through Display advertising aren’t just visiting your site, but that you’re attracting quality leads that are qualified and ready to purchase.



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