See Everything Your Visitors Do
and Boost Your Site Conversion

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Three of the most important Google ranking factors are:

  1. User experience
  2. Visitor time on site
  3. Bounce rate

You need to know:

  1. How visitors are using your website
  2. What they like
  3. Where they are confused

Our National Insights™ Conversion Growth Pack is an integrated suite of conversion and user experience tools, using live analytics to increase the number of leads and sales for your business.

Until recently, business owners relied heavily on analytics to understand how users navigated their sites. This flawed method only provided part of the story. Today there is a better way to understand user experience.

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Record and Review
Visitor Sessions

Look over your visitors’ shoulders
as they navigate around your site

Now, eliminate the guesswork in your conversion decisions and see exactly what your users see by recording visitor behavior on your site. You can replay their clicks, key presses, mouse movements, scrolls and taps. This technology enables you to identify usability issues on the fly. You never again need to wonder how visitors are using your site.

3 Heat Map Examples
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Dynamic Heatmaps

See a clear picture of visitors’ actions

Heatmaps let you see where visitors are interacting – or not – on your site. You can segment data and improve specific site elements in response. This might mean rewriting or moving information, changing your calls-to-action, buttons, videos and images to make the user experience as effective as possible.

Conversion Funnel Results Screenshot
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Conversion Funnels

Figure out where visitors are dropping
off your site

Quickly see where people are leaving your site. Create your own conversion funnels, outlining the steps you expect a user to take. Click on each funnel step to filter out traffic, review recorded screen visitors and learn why they abandoned. Understand these pain points to better optimize user experience and grow conversions.

Form Analytics Example
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Form Analytics

Learn how to make optimal forms

Forms can be the lifeblood of a lead generation website, or they can be the most problematic. Use our Form Analytics to access reports showing ideal form length and which fields create the most friction. You can identify:

  • which fields are completed just before abandoning the form,
  • which fields are corrected most often,
  • how long it took to complete each field,
  • the order in which fields are completed.
Two Poll Examples
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Survey your customer now

Take the guesswork out of marketing by asking your visitors exactly what they like or dislike about your product or service. Now, find out what they like or what went wrong. Define where your polls show up, what triggers them and when, so they are targeted to the right users. Polls can easily be customized to look and feel just like your website, making for a seamless user experience.

Active Chat Window Examples
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Help your customers through
the decision-making process

Now you can see customers’ screens while you chat with them. Use your pointer to help confused visitors through a step or process on your site. Chat power enables you to interact with multiple visitors at once, transfer to other operators and display perfectly crafted canned responses. Ask visitors if they want to chat, tell them you are available to chat if they need help or automatically invite them to chat based on pre-defined rules.



  • Visitor Recordings
  • Live Analytics
  • Form Analytics
  • Feature-rich Chat
  • Heatmaps
  • All-in-one conversion optimization suite
  • See why visitors leave your site
  • Grow stronger customer relationships
  • Boost your conversions
  • Increase your sales and leads

Contact us to learn how this new package of tools can help you power up conversions and directly impact leads, sales, and ultimately, ROI.