SEO’s Focus for 2011

January 10, 2011

Now that we are moving into 2011, what changes could be in the works for how we do SEO? Last year saw the rise of Google Places, Google Preview and Google Instant, all ways to streamline the search experience for users. With tweaks to the algorithm and redesigned search engine results pages, SEO companies had to adapt their strategies to keep their rankings in order for clients.

In 2010, there seemed to be a greater focus on local optimization and directories. More people were saying goodbye to the old methods of searching for a local business and turned to the Internet to find what they needed. As a result, search engines began displaying more local results (through Google Maps and other services) above organic results to help consumers. Optimization for local search helped many companies lead both local and organic results for their keywords. Your SEO company will likely want to work with building your local presence in 2011.

As people began to use search engines to find videos more often, SEO companies were offering video optimization services. A properly optimized video will now make it easier for your target audience to see your work on sites like YouTube, or in SERPs, if they search for your keywords. Videos don’t seem to be going away anytime soon so find an SEO company that can help you optimize your videos to boost your Internet marketing efforts.

Companies in almost every industry in the world are now using social media, so we expect to see new and creative ways to capitalize on social media this year. With Facebook and Twitter at the front of the race, there are new sites and strategies being introduced every day. Be sure to keep and eye out for these if you want to lead your industry and connect on a more personal level with your consumers.

Whatever happens this year in SEO, it is safe to say that it will focus on the consumer getting the most relevant information he or she seeks with the least amount of steps. Work with your team to stay ahead of the curve and you will be able to take advantage of these extraordinary ways to grow your business with SEO.

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