SEO Tactics to Avoid

May 3, 2011

There are many SEO strategies out there and finding the right one can sometimes be a little challenging. Here are some SEO tactics you don’t want to be using. These tactics will NOT bring targeted Google (or other search engine) visitors to your website and could hurt your rankings.

Just a few of the tactics you will want to avoid include:

• Optimizing the same keyword on every page: there are so many keywords and many different variations of the keywords that bring you the most traffic. Target each page to the information that is most relevant to what you are offering. That way, search engines can provide accurate information about your site to a potential visitor, improving your chances to be seen.

• Not having original content or only publishing other websites’ stuff: Every once in a while you can republish an article but making sure you have your own content is one of the most important parts of SEO. Instead of republishing an entire article on your blog, post your own thoughts and opinions on a topic that will interest your visitors.

• Optimizing general keywords: There are so many keywords and the chances of you ranking for a one-word keyword are slim. Optimize for phrases that people are going to be searching for. Optimizing for words that have nothing to do with your site, but you put them in just because someone might be interested, won’t do you any good either.

• Forgetting that ads don’t provide links: Even though ads are an important part of your SEO strategy, don’t think that they will create links and have a direct effect on search engine rankings and traffic.

If you need help with SEO tactics contact an SEO company that is known for white hat SEO. With a reputable and successful SEO company, your website can be properly optimized and more useful for your target audience.

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