SEO Requires you to be Flexible

March 3, 2011

SEO is constantly changing. Google is constantly making changes to their algorithm and in fact just made another recent change.

The newest change to Google will allow websites that have original and well thought out content will get higher rankings and websites that are lower will get less favorable rankings.

Google is making this change to encourage websites to have high quality content and be more useful to the users. Google wants to reward websites with the better content and this change accomplishes that. Web sites that are relevant to their target audiences and offer useful information are regarded higher and are seen as experts for each market.

Some also believe that the change was also made to get rid of content farms, which are websites that collect the day’s content from the Internet in an effort to republish it as the site’s own. This type of black-hat SEO aims to trick users to visit certain sites to boost rankings.

Working with an SEO company that will give you high quality and unique content will help improve your rankings.

It’s important to trust your SEO company to know what is going to work right for you.  Google keeps making changes because of all the problems with spammers. Google also needs to keep up with the changes in social media and the mobile apps.

An SEO company that uses true white hat techniques will never go out of style. It’s still important to follow the techniques that work. With the constant changes you may need to change your strategy every once in a while and an SEO company can help you navigate the changes.

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