SEO Opportunity in Your Company Profile

May 26, 2011

More than ever before, companies today are kicking their SEO efforts into high gear, and for good reason. As more businesses are optimizing their websites, the fight for SEO power becomes more intense. Is your business seizing every opportunity there is to improve its ranking? There is one opportunity that can further your SEO efforts that too many businesses are overlooking – utilizing your company profile or biography to the fullest.

Within your company profile or biography, injecting useful links into the content can really improve your SEO. But, be sure to only provide links where it seems natural and is relevant to the user. The last thing you should be doing is overstuffing your company profile with keywords and links to the point where it’s not only blatantly obvious but also difficult for the users to follow.

Use your company profile as another opportunity to utilize SEO, but it’s vital to do it in a modest, practical way. And after all, making sure your company profile is relevant and conducive to users on your site is crucial.

Links in your company profile page can benefit users visiting your page too. When a new person visits your website, the company profile page is a common place people tend to navigate to first for obvious reasons – they want to get the gist of you or your business and find out what you’re all about. If somebody visiting your company profile or biography is intrigued by what they read, they should be able to easily find out more.

In fact, many company profile pages outrank the homepage.

Tip: Concise content for a company profile page is best because it lets this frequently used information appear easily in other online sources like social webpages or events, again helping your SEO efforts so you can rank higher on search engine results. Always remember that your company profile page is a powerful place to promote your brand.

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