SEO from the outset for the most organic results

July 10, 2010

Even after you’ve chosen an SEO company, there are certain things you can do to ensure your site is optimized to its fullest potential.  If you regularly add new content – whether it’s blog entries, product descriptions, images, or videos – it makes sense to optimize it from the outset.  This ensures the most organic optimization and gives your visitors the best experience.

Keyword density is a common term that gets tossed around once SEO efforts start, and there’s no doubt that keyword density is an important factor.  However, especially where highly visible content is concerned, the first focus should be on the quality of the content.  Add the keyword in where it fits, but don’t try to cram it in for the sake of an extra percentage point of density.  If you write topical, relevant content for your site, chances are you’re hitting acceptable levels of keyword density without even trying.

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