SEO and PPC Working Together

February 17, 2011

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can work together to promote a company’s presence online. Some SEO companies tend to put SEO on top of existing PPC campaigns, but they both should be working together.

PPC can have several benefits and can be a logical choice for many online companies. Ads can be made in different formats for companies to engage their customers. When beginning a PPC campaign online, it is important to research keywords that you want to target. Knowing your company’s keywords will help you determine your budget.

Just like it sounds, with pay-per-click you pay a certain rate to search engines every time a user clicks on your ad in sponsored results. This can be an effective way to drive traffic to your site.

PPC can be well-targeted so companies that know their target audience can use it to their advantage to target the ads to the people that will use their products.

Companies who have a poor SEO strategy can use the PPC results increase their online profiles while they develop their sites. Organic SEO strategies can help your site rank higher in the natural search results, which tend to lend more credibility to your company from the user’s view.

A good SEO company can work with you to get your SEO rankings and higher PPC results. This way, since your SEO strategies will take time to mature and show results, you can potentially see quicker success with a well-planned PPC campaign. It is important to work with an SEO company that has a history of successful PPC and SEO projects so that you can be sure that you can trust the company to help your business grow.

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