Respond to reviews on Google Places

August 5, 2010

Yesterday Google announced that businesses are now able to respond to user reviews on their Google Places profiles. This new feature allows businesses to interact with their customers and answer any questions people may have regarding their latest encounters with the company.

We should first point out that the new feature is only available for verified accounts. When you login to your Google account and view your Google Places profile, you will now see the option to “respond publicly as the owner.”

So what does this mean for your business? Now you will be able to respond directly to user reviews and negative comments that may be baseless. You can now offer sympathy and apologies to users that are genuinely interested in your business and have had a bad experience with you for one reason or another.

Here are some guidelines for writing your public response (as provided by Google):

  • Ignore minor complaints and resolve issues privately when possible.
  • Address problems constructively. Don’t use responses to advertise.
  • Do not ask reviewers for anything or offer them anything.
  • Be professional and polite. The world can read your response

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