Recovering from the Google Panda Update

June 30, 2011

With Panda 2.2 being rolled out last week, more and more websites and businesses are being affected (favorably and unfavorably) by Google’s altering of its algorithms. In a recent poll of over 500 businesses by Search Engine Roundtable, 85% of businesses reported no recovery from the Panda updates this year, with a meager 4% of businesses reporting they have fully recovered.

One small business that has been adversely affected from Panda is Travbuddy, an online travel community and social site designed to connect travelers across the globe. In a recent blog post by Travbuddy’s cofounder Eric Bjorndahl, he reported what actions they’ve taken at Travbuddy in attempt to recover from its downgraded search rankings as a result of the Panda. Travbuddy first removed its “thin content pages” or the pages that offered skimpy, irrelevant content to website visitors. Bjorndahl said that because these pages didn’t receive much traffic to begin with, Google usually ignored these pages so it didn’t seem like an issue – until Panda.

Next the travel site nixed all its duplicate content since many of its (thousands of) hotel descriptions from around the globe on Travbuddy offered visitors similar generic hotel descriptions that Google probably saw as overwhelmingly not unique. Travbuddy also tried to eliminate external duplicate content that other sites are nabbing from its site to boost their own rankings. Then, Travbuddy made a smart move – it looked at other travel sites that Google seems to favor to see what they’re doing (or not doing). It then removed advertisements from its site to model more after similar travel sites that seem to be more favorable in Google’s eyes. Bjorndahl says he’ll be posting more about the results of their post-Panda actions to see if their attempt at recovery proved worthy of the Panda.

It’s crucial for your business to start making strides in the right direction of unique content, relevant information, and dynamic web design so your business can run with the Panda instead of having to fight it and its ongoing updates. Stay tuned on news and updates about Google Panda so your business is aware of the alterations Google will continue to make to its algorithms so you can come out on top of the Panda.

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