Posterous Set to Shut Down for Good on April 30th

February 18, 2013

Posterous, the popular social media and blogging site, will be shutting down for good in a matter of months. According to an announcement from CEO and founder Sachin Agarwal, as of April 30th, Posterous will be stopping their services and the site will be turned off. Permanently.

Founded in 2008, Posterous prided itself on making the process of blogging streamlined and simple, allowing the millions of bloggers and businesses using its platform to easily create custom domains with unique designs.

For businesses looking to connect with an audience of customers and expand their presence online, Posterous offered an awesome and affordable solution.

In March of 2012, when the blogging platform was acquired by another little sharing site you may or may not have heard of called Twitter, they stated that Posterous would  “remain up and running without disruption.”

And while that was true for almost a year, it was only a matter of time before the folks at Twitter pulled the plug on the popular blogging site.

This past week, the site began encouraging its users to start pulling their content or checking the “request backup” option on their Spaces. And Posterous will officially be put out to pasture at the end of April.

Those announcing the end of Posterous stated that Twitter will be their main focus in the time to come, meaning that Posterous, unfortunately, simply had to go. And with the increased focus on Twitter coming this spring, it seems the social site is setting itself up to dominate even more of the social world than ever.

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