New Study Reveals Increasing Trust in Online Advertising

September 23, 2013

Organic search is one of the biggest ways that businesses today get found. And while the majority of searchers trust search engines like Google to give them the best results and more than 79% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, those numbers tend to be lower when it comes to online advertising.

Thankfully, though the numbers are still lower than traditional non-digital advertising, online advertising, including search ads, have risen in the ranks as one of todays more “trusted” platforms.

A recent Neilson study took a closer look at consumer trust in advertising by polling nearly 30,000 online users in 58 countries around the world. Their study revealed that more and more customers are putting faith in online advertising and showed that 48% of consumers today trust paid ads in the search engine results. This is a 14% increase since 2007, meaning that PPC ads in the search engine results pages are becoming more influential than ever before.

Other noteworthy numbers? While “recommendations from people I know” topped the list as the most trustworthy form of advertising (84%)–a sort of word-of-mouth advertising sometimes called “earned advertising”–others on the rise on the trustworthy list included: branded websites, traditional radio and newspaper ads, consumer opinions posted online (online reviews), opted-in emails, and banner ads.

What these numbers serve to show is that more trust is being put in ads, both online and off, and that online advertising is growing as a great way for businesses to not only reach new customers but get their attention, gain their trust, and ultimately, earn their business.

Search advertising is a great way to attract new leads and gain customers, are search ads right for you? To learn more about online advertising visit our PPC advertising services page to learn more or give us a call at 877-610-4760.

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