New SEO Strategies Post-Panda

July 13, 2011

Google’s Panda updates have changed the way businesses need to go about their SEO strategies. The SEO best practices for every website used to be solely based on keyword density, unique content, and linking structure. Now because of the Panda updates, not only are these previous factors important, but there are additionally more weighted factors added into the SEO ranking process which include usability, value added and overall user experience and satisfaction with a company’s website. With the focus of your SEO strategy changing, we have put together some tips to help most appropriately change your SEO strategy to best evolve your website for better search engine rankings.

Your website should be streamlined and optimized for faster and more efficient load times. The way to go about this is to properly plan your website’s structure so that you ensure proper placement of media as well as content throughout your site. If you choose to incorporate media into your website, such as images or videos, then you will need to make sure that these are also optimized to have a faster load time. Making sure your website is optimized for better load times is extremely important because Google will favor websites optimized for this.

You will also need to make sure you alter your website design for optimal user experience and satisfaction. Panda updates have changed the main focus from pleasing the search engines to now pleasing the users instead. This means that you will need to better design and optimize your website for your targeted traffic. Your goal is to make sure your users have a good experience on your website to the point that they want to share your website’s products, services or other content such as on social media sites.

Another necessary change to your company’s website post-Panda is to better optimize your content for users while simultaneously instilling trust and confidence in users of your company. It is no longer enough to just have unique content that is keyword-rich and includes links. Now, you will also need to make sure that you are able to provide value to your targeted traffic. You need to instill trust and confidence in the consumers in your company through this content. To do this, you should make sure your content is written to show your expertise on whatever the subject may be, and that this is written in a way that is appealing, engaging and insightful to your users. Once again, your goal is to have users value your content so much that they would like to share it with their family, friends and others.

Finally, you should continuously make sure to use analytics to measure, review, analyze, and better optimize your company’s website. Some metrics to look at include your bounce rate, time spent on overall website per user, and time spent on specific pages per user. This process of optimizing your site for better search engine rankings requires constantly analyzing and finding ways to better optimize your website.

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