National Positions Brings You Internet Marketing 3.0

September 17, 2010

At National Positions, we take pride in our ability to grow with the times, and our new product – Internet Marketing 3.0 – is the perfect example. While we may have found our start by focusing on SEO, over the years we have grown into a full-fledged internet marketing agency, offering more than just search engine optimization services. Beyond SEO, we offer social media marketing, search engine marketing and conversion optimization. After all, once all the efforts of your SEO campaign have paid off, it will be crucial that you’re prepared to make the most of the influx of traffic.

Our Internet Marketing 3.0 product delivers true end-to-end service that is rolled out in carefully designed phases. Each phase builds on the work of the previous phase, creating a comprehensive suite of internet marketing strategies. This allows you to drive more traffic to your site, deliver better value to that traffic, and ultimately, turn more visitors into customers. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters most – a true return on your investment, not only in traffic, but in bottom line dollars.

What’s the new marketing mindset?

It’s all about growth.
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