Mobile SEO Factors

May 27, 2011

As discussed in one of our recent posts on the revolution that is mobile marketing, the amount of people seeking information on mobile phones and tablet devices is skyrocketing. Here are some helpful tips to use the mobile market to create leads for your business.

Google reported that an astonishing 95% of searches on mobile devices are for local businesses! There is unbelievable opportunity in the swelling market of mobile phone search for local businesses. However, these businesses often don’t have a huge budget to support a grand mobile marketing campaign, so does this mean they’re out of luck? Absolutely not. Local businesses can take these easy steps to make the most of this lucrative opportunity.

So all those local searches that make up that impressive percentage, what exactly are people looking for from these local businesses? It makes sense that most mobile visitors are after your contact information. They probably want directions to your store or to call you about a question. That being said, it’s crucial to have your business’s contact information conveniently displayed on the page when your site is visited on mobile devices. Implementing a “Click-to-Call” button and a “Get Directions” button gives mobile users a great experience because it conveniently gives them the answer to their search.

Too expensive? Not a problem. Just be sure your business is set up to link to Google Maps – it’s a much better alternative for your mobile visitor than just listing your company address on the “Contact Us” page. Your business can see unbelievable results if it’s optimized for Google Maps. Providing good information about your business and having positive reviews from customers will bring more mobile visitors to your website.

Another vital piece of mobile SEO advice for your business – tracking your mobile statistics is a must. We recommend using the Advanced Segmentation of Google Analytics to track your data. The Advanced Segmentation will let you filter your data so you can learn valuable information about what exactly mobile users are doing on your website. You may be surprised to find that what your mobile visitors are doing can be very different than what consumers from desktops are doing. It’s beneficial information to your business to be aware of the differing keywords and landing pages between the two. Even better, it’s really simple to segment Google Analytics for mobile.

Last but not least, don’t forget about social media integration. Most people using mobile devices for search also use social apps like Facebook and Twitter on their mobile devices too. Be involved on these sites to better your chance of social app users reposting your business information and recommending your business to friends, but be sure your content is readily sharable through the use of buttons

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