Mobile Advertising Tips

April 23, 2012

Mobile advertising can be extremely beneficial for your business if you know how to properly do it. There are several things you should consider when deciding to go mobile.


Now that mobile advertising is increasing, it is easier for companies to reach certain potential customers based on their location using their zip code. This can be very helpful, because you’ll know that you’re reaching the people who are near your business and are more likely to pay your storefront a visit based on their location.

Don’t Pay-Per-Click

When you want to get your ads found on the web, pay-per-click advertising can be very successful. When it comes to mobile, however, it might get expensive. The thing with pay-per-click programs for mobile like Google Adwords is that you get users who accidentally click on an ad by mistake. This can become pricey since you’re paying each time someone clicks your ad.

Mobile Apps

Since smartphones and tablets are becoming more common these days, it’s a smart idea to advertise on mobile apps. You’ll get your ads seen by users who are constantly checking the apps on their smartphones, so you’ll have a better chance of engaging them.

Special Deals

Your chances of attracting new customers to your business will be better if you offer them a deal that appeals to your potential customers. There’s nothing that consumers love more than getting an exclusive bargain on a product or service that interests them.

Open Up Your Options

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a mobile advertising plan that works for you. There are options from email to apps to social media. Users are always on their phones, so choose the right advertising method that is right for your business.

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