“Mega” SEO: Structure is King?

December 6, 2010

In an interview conducted with WebProNews, Microsoft Senior SEO Architect Derrick Wheeler makes the claim that in his SEO strategy, “structure is king”. This goes contrary to the conventional wisdom that above all, content is king if you want to bring visitors to your website.

Wheeler does refer to the kind of SEO he is discussing as “Mega” SEO, and in the case of an established industry giant like Microsoft, he does have a point. High-quality content is already going to be assumed by reputation. So the best SEO practices would be a matter of optimizing the content for web crawlers to efficiently catalogue.

Good structure is of course important for all websites, but to say that it is king for smaller businesses, who may not yet have name-brand recognition, would probably be sending the wrong message. Regardless of how well a site may be structured for optimization, without quality content it will have no authority, and its search ranking will inevitably reflect this.

Whether your site is small, medium, or “Mega”-sized, content must be the highest priority. Good SEO structure may help get the traffic to you, but it won’t keep anyone’s attention once they get there. Maybe if your site has already achieved a high enough level of authority, structure may take precedence for a time. But quality content is what gets you to the top, and must be maintained if you intend to stay there.

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