Measuring Your Success With Key Performance Indicators

February 14, 2012

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are a way of measuring the success of your marketing campaign to determine if it is successful or not based on what your goals are. KPIs can help you identify what is working in your campaign, what is not, how to improve your campaign, and how to apply new strategies to drive ROI. Selecting the appropriate KPIs can help your campaign succeed. You can track these KPIs in order to make sure your campaign succeeds:


1. Competitive Traffic Analysis: How much traffic is your site driving compared to your top competitors?

2. Traffic Source: Where is your traffic coming from?


1. Indexed Pages: How many of your site’s pages are indexed by the search engines?

2. Baseline Keyword Analysis: What words are people using to find your business?

3. First Page Keyword Count: Are you ranking well for any of your top keywords?

4. Link Analysis: Do you have many inbound links to your website?


1. Click-Through Rate: Are people clicking to your site when they see your ad?

2. Cost Per Click: How much are you paying for your exposure?

3. Conversion Rate: How many clicks are converting to leads/sales?

4. Cost Per Acquisition: How much do you pay for each lead/sale?


1. Blog Traffic: Is your blog driving traffic to your site?

2. Referral Sources: Who is linking to your blog posts?

3. Post Views: How many people read your posts?

4. Calls To Action: Does your blog have strong calls to action for lead generation?


1. Reach: How many fans and followers do you have on Facebook, Twitter and Google+?

2. Visibility: Are people sharing your activity with their friends and followers?

3. Brand: What are people saying about you?

4. Traffic: Are your social profiles driving traffic to your site?


1. Click-Through Rate: Are people opening your emails and reading them?

2. New Leads: How many prospects contact you after receiving an email?

3. Conversion Rate: How many prospects become customers down the road?

4. Unsubscribe Rate: How many people opt out of your email campaign?


1. Unique Visitors: How many individual visitors does your site get?

2. New vs. Repeat Visitors: How many visitors are new and how many are returning?

3. Referral Traffic: How much traffic is referred from other sites around the web?

4. Bounce Rate: How many visitors leave your site soon after landing on it?

5. Landing Pages Conversion Rate: How many visitors take an action (opt in, call, or buy)?

Every goal is different, so you must assess which KPIs will be beneficial to your campaign. It is important to measure what matters the most in regards to your campaign so that performance can be identified and improved depending on what needs to be adjusted. You can do this by reviewing the KPIs and making the necessary adjustments for maximum success.

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