Make the Most of Google’s Algorithm Changes

April 9, 2012

Google has recently announced algorithm changes that have caused a certain level of dismay within the SEO world.

Usually when Google makes changes to their algorithms, they don’t clearly announce what they approve of and what they don’t. Now, websites that relied too heavily on inbound linking have been affected when it comes to how they rank in search engine results. This can be extremely frustrating, but it’s definitely not the end of SEO at all. It’s just a chance to rethink SEO strategies to get websites ranked higher in search engines.

In order to improve rankings, there are several ways to improve your SEO in order to be found in search results.

Don’t Spam

The biggest mistake you can do is to spam, because this will only hurt you in the end. Don’t perform keyword stuffing. If you do use keywords, keep them relevant to what your content is about. If you use keywords that you think will get you found but aren’t relevant, there isn’t a point in doing so. Just because you have more keywords in your content than a competitor doesn’t mean that you’ll rank higher up. Quality is more important than quantity here.


When using keywords, you shouldn’t just throw them in at the end where you think that they’ll fit. If you plan where your keywords will go, they’ll sound more natural than forcing them in at the end. The higher the quality of your content, the more likely it will be shared on social media sites and linked to, which will contribute how high you rank in search results. You also want to make sure that your titles, URL and content are relevant to the keywords you are using.

Social Sharing

It’s important to have your content be shared on sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. People will share anything they find helpful. You want to make sure that your titles are relevant to what you are posting. By including social media buttons on your blog and website, it is easier for your content to be shared.


You want to be posting fresh content. If you’re not blogging on a regular basis, then you won’t be improving your standing in search results. The fresher and informative the content, the more Google will think of you as a website of importance. It’s still important to leverage older content that you find important, though. Just because a post is a year old doesn’t mean you should just forget about it.

By sticking to these simple steps, your SEO has a better chance at improving despite all of Google’s algorithm changes.

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