Local Advertising gets Boost from Google

November 10, 2010

Good news for anyone operating a business and looking for a way to get noticed within their own vicinity with maximum exposure for minimal expense. Google recently announced Boost, a feature that works in conjunction with Places to allow low-cost, locally focused advertising through the Google search engine.

The product, which is currently beta testing in select cities (San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago), is predicated upon the business having a Google Place page. Places are free for anyone to set up. When creating a Boost ad, the owner of the Place page can specify important information including up to 70 characters of description, the option to have clicks either link to a personal website or use the Place page, and a monthly estimated budget based upon expected traffic. The actual cost may vary, as the charge is based on clicks on the ad.

Places advertised through Boost appear on the Google Map with a blue pin that visually separates them from the typical cluster of red pins in any given area. The advertised merchant also appears in the ‘sponsored links’ section of the search results. By standing out among the crowd, merchants taking advantage of Boost may find themselves more in demand than their non-advertised competitors.

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