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May 25, 2011

Hearing that the mobile arena is increasingly expanding by the minute is probably no surprise to you. Mobile phones are in people’s hands everywhere we turn – in line at the grocery store, waiting at the airport, probably in your own pocket this very moment. The advancements in mobile technology allow us to access the web in the palm of our hand anywhere, almost instantaneously. An escalating number of consumers are turning to their mobile devices to search for information, and they’re expecting to find what they’re looking for.

If your business has not jumped on the mobile marketing train yet, it runs the risk of getting pushed out by competitors in coming years as mobile marketing becomes increasingly pervasive. Hubspot reports that the amount of businesses currently using a mobile marketing strategy is only about 1/3 of all businesses, but is supposed to rapidly increase in the next year to 73%. Research and Markets recently forecasted that total revenues from mobile search will top $8 billion by the year 2015, making up 11% of total search revenue. That’s a monstrous CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 55% from 2010’s $901 million.

The volume of users utilizing the Internet on their mobile devices is expected to grow to 101.1 million people this year – that’s double the amount from 2008! What’s even better is that this growing number of tech-savvy consumers using their mobile device for search are said to be an audience that takes initiative, shops, and networks with others, which can do wonders for your business results. With strong SEO efforts, immersing your business in the mobile universe boosts your company’s marketing reach, letting your brand be accessed and viewed on millions of mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Whether your business is already dabbling in the channel of mobile marketing or if you are just joining the mobile marketing mobile marketing revolution now, be sure your business incorporates these crucial pointers. Be sure to have a mobile optimized website that allows users to access and navigate your website quickly and efficiently, giving them a positive experience. It’s wise not to use Flash for your website as it’s not supported by several popular media devices like the iPhone and iPad. Also, it’s vital to include click-to-call buttons on the mobile version of your website that lets users call or get directions to your business conveniently.

Businesses who don’t execute a mobile marketing strategy will be missing remarkable business opportunities that can potentially give your business unbelievable revenue-generating results. Thanks to the continued exponential rise in mobile Internet usage, the revolution that is mobile marketing is one you won’t want to miss.

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