It’s Coming: Facebook’s Timeline for Brands

March 2, 2012

As most of you know, on March 30th, the inevitable switch to the new Facebook Timeline will occur. If you’re a business owner who has taken the time to perfect the original Facebook layout, you might be thinking, What next? Well, March just started, so luckily you have the rest of the month to take a look at other brands’ Timelines, plan what you will do to yours and make the necessary changes so that your business can continue to succeed.

Plan Ahead

Don’t think that just because there will be a new layout, that Facebook for businesses will become pointless. You will still be able to capitalize on having a Facebook business profile. The social media plan you currently have in effect shouldn’t change. If anything, it will be enhanced to get more out of your business and be able to interact with customers on a new level. Decide on which videos or images you will add to your profile, make sure your information is up-to-date and that your location is current so customers will be able to find you with the new map feature that will be available. Take the time to plan out what you will keep from your current Page and what you will change in order to accommodate the new changes.

Cover Photo

The most exciting feature will be the chance to display a banner image at the top of your Page that will be your Cover Photo. This gives you the option to constantly change it up for a quick and easy new look to your page or to keep a consistent image. Whatever image you go with should be powerful and best represent your business.


Now’s the time to plan out your company’s history so that you can share as much or as little as you prefer. It gives insight to newer customers who might not be aware of when or how you were started and allows you to show how you’ve grown over the years. It personalizes your business and allows customers to relate to you in a new way.

Get Ready

In order to make the most of the Timeline, you have this month to get every detail sorted out and design your Page so that when everyone goes live on March 30th, you will either have launched your Timeline before then because that’s how ahead of the game you are, or you will have a great profile when the time for change comes.

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