Is a 25th Panda Update in the Works?

February 20, 2013

The blogosphere is buzzing with people voicing their concern about the potential of an impending Panda update.

There have been rumors of ranking changes and fluctuations as well as claims of a surge in Google crawl activity that have been posted on a WebmasterWorld thread about Google updates and SERP changes this month. SERPs Volitility Index and MozCast Metrics also seem to show some fluctuations in the rankings–although nothing too drastic.

They’re only rumblings, but that doesn’t mean a data refresh might not be rolled out soon, especially considering that Panda 24–which impacted 1.2% of queries–was pushed out at the end of January. These days it seems like Panda refreshes come like clockwork, each almost exactly a month apart, which makes it about time for yet another data refresh.

These rumblings coupled with the rate Google’s been updating their algorithms lately, makes it seem likely a Panda could be happening very soon. Unfortunately, whether or not the 25th Panda is (or is soon to be) upon us, only the folks at Google can say.

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