Internet Marketing Tips and Tricks: How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

October 24, 2011

We’re back for another installment of Internet Marketing Tips & Tricks! Today’s video is on how to create landing pages that convert. Since your online success depends on converting visitors into customers, you need to create landing pages that guide your visitors through the sales process and makes it easy for them to buy your products or service.

Here are the top 5 ways to create landing pages that convert.
No. 1 Write Copy That Sells
Let’s start with your headlines. They should be direct and concise. You’re trying o get someone to take an action on this page, so tell them what to do. Also make you provide a value exchange, such as “Sign up for a free trial or Get 10% off your next purchase.” And use trigger language that evokes an emotional appeal, whether you’re inspiring customers or soothing a pain point.
No. 2 Have a Great Call-to-action Button
The Call to action button is the most important part of your landing page. It’s the ultimate message: the directive to your prospect. So make sure you design the button so that it instantly draws the attention of the customer.
No. 3 Include Dynamic Images
Dynamic images and videos can be great for conversion as long as they support your call-to-action. So use images that inspire interaction and get the customer to follow through on the call to action. For instance, using an arrow that points to the call to action button.
No. 4 Add Trust Factors & Risk Reversals
Trust factors & risk reversals are great for boosting sales. Think of the key objections your prospects will have to converting and include trust factors that will ease their concerns. Things like security icons, guarantees or testimonials help instil confidence in your company and lead to better conversion.
No. 5 Stay On Message
Your customer is at the bottom of the funnel and is almost a customer. So you shouldn’t distract them with links to other pages or introduce new concepts or deals. Narrow the funnel by staying on message.

So those are the top 5 ways to create landing pages that convert. Write copy that sells, have a great call-to-action button, include dynamic images, add trust factors and risk reversals and stay on message.

We hope you found this helpful. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time!

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