Internet Marketing 3.0: Phase 1 – Optimization

September 29, 2010

SEO is a growing industry, and for good reason: reaching the top of the search results can drive enormous amounts of traffic to your site. We’ve been a leading provider of SEO services for half a decade, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients get top rankings for their keywords. It makes sense, then, that optimization is the first phase of our Internet Marketing 3.0 solution.

The optimization phase forms the core of your entire campaign and continues for the life time of the engagement. It includes search engine optimization, content development, blogging, local search (where applicable) and WC3 website code optimization. This phase also includes optional social media linking strategies such as social media bookmarking, social media profile development, article marketing, press releases and public blogging, designed to accelerate the rate at which your rankings are achieved.

Next time, we’ll look at Phase 2 – Social Media Optimization, and the importance of leveraging social media effectively.

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