Integrating Search and Social Media

May 24, 2011

Many people think search platforms and social platforms fight for the attention of the expanding volume of Internet users today. They ask themselves, will search and social ever get along? Actually, that’s not the case at all because despite many misconceptions, they already can (and do) get along. In fact, search and social platforms work pretty brilliantly together when businesses integrate them right.

Fact: the fine line that once existed between search engines and social media sites is becoming more and more clouded by the second. For example, Google is beginning to incorporate more social aspects for its users while Facebook offers its very own search capabilities. Businesses are not only spreading their exposure through valuable SEO, but also through multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Instead of treating search and social as two separate entities driving segregated results to your website and for your business, use your business’s Facebook or Twitter page as an addendum of your business’s website – an opportunity to continue your business and brand into the vibrant world of social media in a smooth, fluid manner.

So how do you create this fluent addendum of your website on your social media page? It’s crucial for you to treat your social media page, whether it’s your Facebook fan page or Twitter page, with a similar amount of focus on optimizing the page as you do with your normal website that users would find with traditional search. Be sure to naturally use keywords and anchor texts on your social media sites, because the more value users find in your social media content, the more likely they are to visit your actual website and pass on beneficial information to their friends or repost your links which is valuable to your SEO efforts. More and more search engines today are also incorporating information from social media in their rankings, furthering your SEO effort even more.

Another simple yet vital tactic is to include social media buttons on your website, articles, and blogs so users can easily share what they found with others. This increases your business’s circulation in the vast arena of social media which creates great exposure for your business to a huge audience. This social media audience is one that is well worth the investment too, like the fact that 79% of US Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands to other people according to a 2010 study done by Edison Research.

So in the end, not only can integrating search and social media platforms work, but it can work phenomenally and help your business achieve remarkable results.

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