How Your Business Can Go Viral with Video Marketing

February 23, 2012


Video marketing is a great way to cost‐effectively drive traffic to your site and boost customer engagement with your brand. For one, videos are a great source of marketing content to put on your website, blog and social networks. Secondly, Video SEO boosts your visibility in the search results. Google’s search algorithm now offers blended results with a mix of news, shopping, images and video. This means optimized video content boosts your overall brand exposure online.


In 2012, online videos will account for more than 50% of all consumer Internet traffic. Recommendations from other people account for 60% of all video clicks on YouTube, and there are over 500 tweets containing YouTube links every minute. Customers’ exposure to your YouTube video are 437% more likely to engage your brand (go to your Facebook page, Twitter feed or your website). All this data reveals that creating videos and optimizing them for search helps your business in 3 ways: 1) drives traffic to your website; 2) creates customer engagement on social media; and 3) increases conversion with more engaging content. Despite all the benefits of online video marketing, less than 10% of all businesses create video content. Videos offer a great chance to differentiate your company and stand above the crowd.


Thanks to technology, it is unbelievably cheap to produce your own videos. You may want to create slick, high-production-quality videos that may cost a bit more. We recommend you not do that! For viral video marketing, you should make two kinds of videos: 1) a 60-90 second videos that introduces your team, who you are and what you do: and 2) casual, informative videos that are self-made. Remember, the most valuable videos are the ones that are helpful, casual and personal. They have the added bonus of being really cheap to make.


There is little risk involved. As long as the video doesn’t embarrass you or sully your brand, you can only benefit from making a cost-effective video that engages customers.


The ROI can be phenomenal if you make a video that goes viral (gets 50,000+ views and drives new visitors to your site.) Video should complement your other campaigns like SEO or PPC, not replace them. On its own, video is not nearly as powerful.


You can easily measure how much traffic is driven to your site from YouTube and other video sites. You can also measure the social activity surrounding your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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