How You Can Use Google+ to Increase Your SEO

February 8, 2012

Google+ is starting to play a small role in how your business gets found in Google’s search results. This means that Google+ is going to play a part in your SEO campaign. If you have an active Google+ page for your company, you’re more likely drive traffic to your website. Here are some tips to ensure that you are making the most out of your business with Google+.

Add the +1 Button

By having a +1 button on your website, it makes it easier for users to share your page with their circles on Google+. Whenever a user clicks the +1 button on your page, it means they like what they see. It allows for your website to be shared with their circles. They can also add comments about your company so their followers have some insight about your services which increases traffic to your page.

Your Google+ Updates

Every time that you post an update on you company’s Google+ account, you should consider which keywords to use to maximize ways you appear in search results. The more appealing posts you share that have relevant keywords, the better your chances are at increasing your search visibility.

Take Advantage of Search, Plus Your World

Now that Google has the new feature, Search, plus Your World, searches have become even more personal by incorporating your company’s posts on Google+ into your followers’ search results. Every time that one of your followers searches for something on Google, if your posts have matching keywords, they will appear in the search results. The same applies if one of your followers posts about your company. When one of their followers searches has matching keywords that pertain to that post, your company will appear in the results, making it easier to convert them into new customers.

Make Yourself Found

Google’s Search, plus Your World makes it easier for your company’s visibility to increase if you have an optimized page. If you link your work email address to your business Google+ account, people who are unfamiliar with your company can get a better sense of what you are providing thanks to the “People and Pages on Google+” side bar.

Google+ Author Information

You can now have your author information and photo appear next to your posts when they come up in search results by linking your personal Google+ account with your posts.  While this isn’t for everyone, branding does make content more personal to users and is a good way to catch users’ eyes.

These tips can help you take full advantage of how often your company appears in search results. In order to appear in search results, you have to be posting valuable content regularly and you will be found.

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