How You Can Benefit From Strategic Consulting

February 16, 2012

Strategic consulting is one of the key components of Value Based Marketing. You need a designated person or team, whether in-house marketer or at an agency, who is data-driven and agile. In order to maximize your growth, your strategic consultants need to focus on three things: your top of the funnel (driving traffic), middle of the funnel (converting visitors into customers) and bottom of the funnel (retention & life cycle marketing).

Top of the Funnel

How many visitors is your site attracting? One way that you can draw in users is through search results and social media. By putting your business out there, your chances of being found and drawing in visitors will increase. Are you creating sufficient new leads and sales for your team? How is your online visibility on search engines and social networks? Are you being found and reaching users? This is important in order to get new visitors that can positively affect you.

Middle of the Funnel

Does the content from your website, social media platforms, and e-mail marketing provide necessary value and develop leads? If you offer a service to users that they can benefit from, they are more likely to return and tell their friends about your services as well. You want to convert the maximum amount of your site’s visitors into customers by having an effective website that draws them in has them make a purchase.

Bottom of the Funnel

Are you measuring your ROI with the services at hand? In order to track your success rate, you should be implementing the tools you have so you know what you should change or continue doing. How much is the cost per lead for each marketing activity? Is it worth the amount of money you are investing if you are not seeing results?

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