How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

May 8, 2012

Twitter is getting bigger and there are plenty of things you can do to optimize your brand’s Twitter account to make sure that you’re getting the most out of tweets.

Be Real

If you’re on Twitter, you probably want to inform your followers of newsworthy posts, share blog posts with them and get them to know your brand more personally. All of these things are great, but you need to inject some personality in your tweets so that you engage users. Throw in some tweets that aren’t so business-related so that users can relate to you on a different level than solely business.

Optimize Your Profile

If your profile isn’t optimized, you need to get to doing it. It shouldn’t take long but will set you apart from your competitors. There are some important aspects you should optimize for, including:

-SEO Title

Your username on Twitter can include keywords. They can be helpful, but they’re not a must. You want to make sure that the name you select is the one of your business, if it’s still available. If it’s not, get as close to it as possible.

-Profile Image

You want an image that best represents your brand. It can be your logo or something relevant that users can easily spot in their feed. Make sure to use your company name in the filename.

-Bio Keywords

You want to make sure your bio includes keywords that will get your profile found. Twitter search engines will look at the keywords in your bio when they are recommending profiles for others to follow. Some people use hashtags in their bio. You can try this as well.

Tweet Structure

There isn’t a set way on how you should structure your tweets. Make sure that they’re true to whom your business is and that they make sense. According to Search Engine Watch, this is the order you should structure your tweets:
1. Headline or phrase
2. Link
3. Hashtags that will get you noticed by large influencers

Hashtag Tips

There are some guidelines you should follow when including hashtags in your tweets.
-You shouldn’t include more than 3 per tweet.
-To avoid coming off as spam, don’t start your tweet with a hashtag.
-Do some hashtag research to find out which ones get the most response from users.

Retweet Strategy

Retweets allow you to be seen by a larger audience. If your tweet gets retweeted, it’s most likely because that person found it to be useful and thought their followers could benefit from it as well. Don’t be afraid to ask a close friend or colleague to retweet one of your tweets in a DM if you think their followers will be interested in what you have to say. You want to make sure you’re RT any tweets you find valuable and want your name to be associated with.
There are plenty of Twitter tips, but these should get you started to making the most of your Twitter account.

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