How to Optimize Landing Pages

June 6, 2011

Whether your Internet marketing strategies involve organic SEO efforts, PPC campaigns, social media platforms, e-mail marketing campaigns, or any combination of these tactics, landing pages play a crucial role in your Internet marketing success. High quality landing pages will boost your business’s conversion rate and deliver results, so how can your business effectively optimize its landing page? Here are a few tips on how to best optimize your landing page for Internet marketing success.

When consumers first land on your page, tell these prospects exactly what value you have to offer them. Convey a clear message why they need your product or service. Clearly expressing your business’s usefulness to people is vital if you want them to stick around on your web page and become customers. However, it’s critical you understand your target audiences’ motivation when they land on your site. Why did they land on your web page? Get in the head of the consumers and understand what they want from your business so you can tell them how your business is of value to them.

Be sure to display clear calls-to-action above the fold. Obvious calls-to-action can help you in setting up a well-structured sales funnel that will direct the consumer to the next step that needs to be taken on your website, letting you convert more leads into more sales.

Make it easy to navigate your landing page in order to avoid people exiting your page due to confusion. Landing pages with complex navigation produces undesirably high bounce rates. Reducing clutter on your landing page also helps people to not feel overwhelmed, letting them stay focused on how your business can help them satisfy their consumer needs. The most user-friendly websites are the websites with the highest conversion rates.

The Internet can be a cold place, so displaying dynamic images on your landing page can help your business warm up your website for visitors who land on your page. Try to incorporate images like people who are happy from using your product or service so consumers can feel a more personal connection with your business.

By incorporating these elements of success into optimizing your landing page, your business will see enhanced conversion rates that will give you unbelievable business results.

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