How to have an SEO Driven Social Media Campaign

March 10, 2011

Social media is more important than ever when it comes to your SEO strategy. Many businesses jumped on the social media bandwagon a long time ago and secured accounts on all of the major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Now the accounts are just sitting there.

With social media SEO campaigns, more is not always better. You don’t want customers to be confused if they see two similar accounts on one social media platform. To get organized, list which social media platforms you have accounts on and the purpose of each account. If you find you have more than one account on each you might want to evaluate if the account is going to do you more good than harm. You want to have a unified campaign, with each account being different but still working toward the same goal of creating your brand and raising awareness about your products or services.

Facebook has a lot of rules about businesses pages. In fact, you are only supposed to have one business profile so consolidating on Facebook shouldn’t be a problem. Work with an SEO company that can explain Facebook strategies and run your page for you.

Let your social media campaigns work for you by encouraging clients to participate on your social media profile. Help create links by having customers write reviews about certain products. Encourage your Twitter followers to use a specific hashtag during a certain time of the week to raise brand awareness, or ask them to like your Facebook page.

If social media confuses you, a reputable SEO company can create and get your pages running and assist you with the right content to post on each.

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