How to Create Leads from Facebook

April 17, 2012

In order for B2B companies to generate leads from Facebook, they need to work somewhat harder at being creative than B2C companies. Facebook is great way to engage and share valuable content with followers.

In order to be successful on Facebook as a B2B company, you need to connect with customers and potential business possibilities. Even though your business deals with other businesses, if you connect with the people who handle business transactions, your chances are higher to reach new customers.

Here are some ways in which Facebook can help B2B companies increase engagement and generate leads.

Get “Liked”

In order for you to start engaging with new leads, you need to have them “like” your business page. You can do this with sign-up forms and links to your site that will support lead generation. Once this happens, you’ll be able to share with them all of valuable content you post. You’re also able to promote deals and sales.

Integrate Leads

Offer content like eBooks, webinars, white papers, etc. that users will find helpful. If you require them to provide you their contact info before receiving their free content, you’ll be able to generate leads. If you make it clear that what they’re going to sign up for is valuable, they’ll be more likely to give you their information.

Contests and Promotions

Make sure that when you’re creating contests that you’re offering something that users will find valuable in order to attract the right fans. You don’t want to offer something that will draw in too wide of an audience, because they will be participating for all of the wrong reasons. Make sure to follow Facebook’s promotion guidelines to ensure that you’re abiding by their rules.

Interesting Content

Make sure that you’re not posting the same things on your page all the time. You want to mix it up by posting creative and fun posts every so often to increase interaction. All of your followers should be able to relate to your content, however. By asking open-ended questions, creating valuable posts, posting at times when you know you’ll get the most interaction and making sure you’re only posting one to two times a day, you’ll increase engagement.

Go Beyond Facebook

By adding the Facebook “share” button on your emails, landing pages, etc. your content will be more likely to be distributed across the web. Your customers will also be able to easily share content with their friends and family which also helps increase your company’s visibility.

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