How to Better Use Your Blog To Increase Traffic, Leads and Sales

August 23, 2012

Is your company blog not preforming the way you want it to? Well, I have a personal mantra: work hard then work smart. So if you’ve worked hard and created a blog, which you post on regularly, than now it’s time to work smart. You still need to post high quality content but these tips may help you get the numbers closer to where you’d like them to be.

Borrowing Content for the Busy Blogger

We know life can sometimes get in the way of blogging regularly or that sometime you just can’t think of anything to write. Well don’t worry because you can simply borrow some content from some big name sites. Borrowing from the big names helps you provide great content that you didn’t have to worry about writing but also sprinkles some of the respect they get on you. It also might get them to promote that you promoted it. Meaning more visibility for you.

The important thing to remember here is the term borrow, it means you give it back. Or in this case give them credit. Otherwise its plagiarism.

Content Without People to Read It Means Nothing

If your numbers aren’t up to par maybe now is a good time to look over your analytics and see where the traffic you get is coming from. If you have subscribers via email than each time you publish a post they get a little reminder. That reminder is important because it brings people back to your blog. Two things that you can do to spur more subscribers are:
a. Create a page dedicated to subscribing to your blog that you can share on your social medias
b. Add a call-to-action in some of your emails so if they share your article with friends than their friend can subscribe as well.

Optimize Your Titles for SEO

A catchy title is great but sine your posting regularly (you are posting regularly, right?) posts can get buried quickly. Even though those posts still drive traffic long after you posted them they could drive more traffic to your site if you optimized them for search engines. So go back and optimize your titles for the keywords that you want to be ranked for.

Call-to-Action Optimization for More Conversions

Even though we all have fun blogging our opinions the point of blogging for your business is usually to create awareness and traffic which can convert into leads or customers. That’s why call-to-actions are so important. So make sure you spend some time optimizing your call-to-actions. Test different colors, layouts and text to see how they impact the conversion rate and use that information to make your best call-to-action!

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