How to Add LinkedIn to Your Website

April 3, 2012

LinkedIn has become a great way to connect with business professionals, but how do you incorporate LinkedIn onto your company website?

According to a study, with LinkedIn being 277% more effective when it comes to lead generation compared to Facebook and Twitter, it can help your business significantly.

Share Button

Similar to that of a Facebook and Twitter Share button, a LinkedIn Share button should be next to any of your blog posts, guides, eBooks, articles, etc. The button makes it much easier for users to share your business-related content with the people they are connected with via LinkedIn.

Recommend Button

In order to reach a wider audience, the Recommend button allows users a chance to mention your company’s products/services on LinkedIn. If you’re thinking of using this plugin, make sure that it is for a business-to-business use and is something that LinkedIn users will be able to relate to.

Follow Company Button

Comparable to a Twitter Follow Button, the LinkedIn Follow Company button allows for your company increase the number of users who are following your business page in order for them to receive updates that you post on the networking site.

Company Profile

Similar to that of a personal business card, the Company Profile is specific to your entire company. It provides a summary of who your company is, how many are employees are on LinkedIn and a Follow button.

If you place the Company Profile on your website’s homepage, it should be further towards the bottom or on the Contact Us page.

There are several other plugins that you can apply to your website in order to make better use of your LinkedIn Company profile. Some include a Company Insider plugin, Member Profile plugin, Apply button and Sign In with LinkedIn. It’s up to you to decide which features your business can benefit from the most before you add any of these helpful features to your website.

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