How the Farmer Update Changes Google PPC

March 30, 2011

The Farmer update has shaken up the SEO world, and while it was rolled out keeping the user’s best interest intact, this update may be for the benefit of the advertisers. Usually the changes to Adwords over the last 24 months have been for the benefit of the users and users were finding paid results more relevant to what they were searching.

It looks like Google’s change is a benefit to the advertisers since they are making the ad displays similar in appearance to the regular organic listings. About 70 to 80% of users only use organic search results. The logic behind the switch is to get those users to click on the paid listings as well.

How has Google done this? First Google has combined the ad title with the first line of copy. Ads are displayed on three lines instead of four. There also is no option for advertisers to write their domain with capital letters to emphasize their brand name. Now all the URLs appear in lower cases that look like organic listings. Google has also changed the background color. This is to avoid ad burnout that causes many people to disregard the ads completely.

With the new changes advertising is possibly going to become more important so you may want to talk to your SEO company about PPC campaigns. In addition to working on your site to rank organically, well placed ads on keywords that your target audience searches will help you reach a broader audience and your SEO company can help you get started and manage your pay-per-click campaign while you run your business.

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