How Seasonal Businesses Can Market Themselves All Year Long

February 13, 2013

Whether you’re running a snow removal business, own a golf course in northern Michigan, own an ice cream shop on an east coast beach, operate a summer camp, a ski school, or a vacation destination—you know how hard it can be as a seasonal business, especially during the unwelcome off-season.

Seasonal businesses often close up shop and call it a day when their peak season comes to an end. But this doesn’t have to be the case.There are a number of ways that you can do to market your business and make sure you’re making the most of the whole year.

Whether your business shuts its doors during the off season or continues to find a way to drive business despite the disability, here are some tips that can help you, even during the dreaded off season:

Collect contact information while your customers are still around:

It may be difficult during your peak season to do more than simply keep up with the demand that season provides. But it’s essential to spend time planning ahead while the season’s in full swing: collect valuable contact information from leads and past customers walking through your door or visiting your site. Make sure you encourage customers to stay in touch, in store and out of it. Have a website optimized with calls-to-action prompting visitors to subscribe to your blog, leave their email address, fill out a form and more so that you can stay in touch, even during the off-season.

Encourage customers to leave reviews before the season ends:

Get customers to leave reviews as the season starts to come to an end or as soon as they finish doing business with you. Reviews are best when a positive experience is still fresh in a customer’s mind. These reviews are the most moving and descriptive, ensuring they’re the most convincing and relevant for future customers searching out seasonal businesses on the web—on season or off. Well-timed reviews mean people seeing these reviews, even during the off-season, will either reminisce or seek out a nostalgic experience of their own with your business as soon as it reopens again.

Keep your online presence active even if your storefront is dead:

Create quality content all year long—having a site that ranks in the local search results means you’ll be getting more business in your peak season and generating more  leads during your off-season.  You can even add content with a seasonal twist to keep things fresh and interesting for site visitors looking at your page any time of year.

Even more important: stay social, even when it’s not your season. Having an active presence on social sites means you’ll keep your business at the top of everyone’s mind so that when the moment comes, they’ll be waiting at your doors the second the season picks back up.


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