How Google+ Will Impact Future Search Results

July 18, 2011

Google+ is barely a month old, and it is already gaining tremendous attention from companies that are attempting to leverage its popularity to market their business. The first question about the marketing potential in the new social network is: how will Google+ impact Google’s search results. While we don’t know all the specifics just yet, we do know that Google+ is going to affect how your business gets found online. So here are the top ways that Google+ is going to impact the search results.

First, Google+ is improving its search engine’s intelligence. What this means is that by using the various elements incorporated in Google+, the search engine is able to take that information and better understand trends and what users are interested in quicker than ever before. This is important because Google will be able to make more appropriate recommendations for users on results pages based on what users trust, promote and share on the Google+ network.
Therefore, it also should make sense that because of this, Google will have higher quality search results. Through Google+, the search engine will be able to determine what profiles provide real value to users and what profiles are considered spam. Then based on this determination, the rankings will adjust accordingly, honoring sites that provide value with higher rankings and those sites that do not provide value with lower rankings.

Google+ will also change how you acquire web traffic through the addition of the Google +1 button. These buttons will appear on the search results as well as on company websites once embedded. They are important because the button is linked to address of a destination page; therefore, your website’s design may need to be formatted to have appropriate landing pages based on what destination page the +1 button is linked to. If you change your website design, you will also be resetting your +1 count. To maintain your count, you will need to make sure your website design is optimized beforehand, so as to avoid the consequences of making any further changes.

This +1 count for your page is also very important in relation to your click through rate. The more +1 votes you acquire from users, then the more helpful users found your page, which will increase your popularity and cause more users to click through to your page based on this high +1 count.

Google+ will likely change the best way to go about your company’s search engine optimization in more than just the above, described ways. With updates to Google+ coming out constantly, there are so many new features to be aware of. You should continue to understand and be aware of Google’s social media site, which may have a long-lasting and impacting affect on the search engine results.

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