How Google+ is Affecting Email Marketing

July 20, 2011

In the month since Google launched its Google + Program and joined the ranks of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, 10 million users have joined Google’s new social network.

Google + has done more than prove that social and search can work together as one. With “+1” buttons appearing on more and more sites, Google’s new social focus is spelling out big changes for the way that businesses interact with their online audience. But the emphasis on social networking that Google + symbolizes is something that may be having an effect on your email marketing campaign as well.

It seems the days of Email Vs. Social are over. But why is making your inbox and your email marketing strategy more social now so important?

To put it simply, email marketing is becoming a trigger for social sharing and Google + seems to really be emphasizing this. Most marketers have already begun to make their emails and newsletters more social by including social media links, but with Google +, socially optimized emails can offer your business a huge advantage.

Here are a few things to take into account when optimizing our email marketing strategy for Google +:

–Gmail accounts now have a drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner that allows you to look at your Google + profile and tap into its resources. This means Gmail users can not only “+1” links you send, but they can share your emails or content from your emails straight from their inbox.

–You need to optimize the content of your emails. This seems like good advice all around, however it’s especially important with Google +. With the increased likelihood that the content in your emails will be shared with your clients’ Google + social circles, having compelling and well-written content is essential. Take advantage of the opportunity to have your content shared and circulated by your consumers by making it interesting as well as informational. Create an email with text that people actually want to share.

–Google+ allows your email recipients to share your emails’ content with specific Google+ circles, meaning that you’re essentially getting your clients to do targeting for you. Your email recipients can choose if they want to share your content with just their circle of friends or a circle of associates in your industry, meaning well-done emails with specific goals can make their way around a targeted social circle without any extra effort from your business.

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