National Positions: How Customer Reviews Affect Your Business

February 24, 2012


At National Positions, we work with clients on reaching out to customers to improve their online reviews. That’s because we know the Internet has fundamentally changed marketing because now, for the first time, your customers have a voice. If they are happy with the product or service, they can take to the web and spread the word. Similarly, if they are unhappy with the product or customer service, they can post negative reviews online. All data proves that your customers are heavily swayed by the reviews of other customers. According to an eMarketer 2011 study, 78% of people research a product online before buying it, and 44% of all purchases are impacted by online reviews. For your continued growth, you must adapt to this new marketing reality and ensure that your brand is surrounded by dozens, even hundreds, of positive reviews that reinforce the quality of your products and services.


The opportunity is tremendous. Positive review marketing is the next generation of online marketing. Right now, almost all companies are ignoring the fact that negative reviews (or a lack of positive ones) are hurting their business. You have the chance to stand out from your competitors by circulating positive reviews. If you do, you’ll establish your brand as an industry leader with the best customer service. This is the most cost-effective solution to positive brand management.


Very few marketing agencies even offer positive review marketing at the moment. However, the cost for such a campaign should be about $400-800/month for each branch. Considering all the time and resources devoted to acquiring new customers, gaining their trust and building your reputation, this is a bargain!


Much like conversion, this is all about risk reversal. The risk lies in not doing this. If you leave your brand vulnerable to the reviews of angry, eccentric customers or shady competitors, you have no control of your reputation.


It’s difficult to measure the ROI, but every marketing study shows that your business will greatly benefit from many positive reviews from happy customers. This might not grow the top of your sales funnel, but it will definitely convert more traffic into leads and sales.


Since positive review marketing is on the cutting edge of Internet marketing, there aren’t enough tracking tools to quantify the ROI. This is a problem for all brand marketing, in general. It’s tough to find a tangible value for your reputation, yet it’s undeniably valuable.



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