How Can You Benefit From Google’s Search, Plus Your World?

February 7, 2012

What Is Search, Plus Your World?

You may have heard of the newly launched Google Search, plus Your World. How it works is pretty simple. This new feature allows Google search results to become associated with your customers and their connections. With SPYW, search results are combined with Google+ and user interaction to bring your customers more individual results.

What Your Business Can Do

How can your business prosper from this new feature? By first making sure that your business has a Google+ page that is being optimized, it will make it easier for your company to come up in search results that have corresponding keywords relevant to your products or services.

How Does Search, Plus Your World Work?

If a user searches for “restaurants,” the first results that will come up will be from their friends on Google+ who have posted about your restaurant. The user will most likely trust their friends more than they would another source, because they actually know the person who posted about your business and will ultimately get the user to dine at your restaurant. This is a simple way to convert people into patrons of your company.

This new feature also allows for users to follow your company easier when it comes up in searches by allowing users to add you to their circles from the search results page with “People and Places on Google+.” Every time that a user searches for something like retail stores, your retail store will come up if there are matching keywords. Once your business is added to a circle, your visibility in searches will increase with that user.

What Can Your Business Do Now?

If you don’t already have a Google+ account, now is a good time to create one. Integrate your Google+ account to all aspects of your company’s online profiles to increase visibility and to acquire more followers from your other social media pages. In order to stay relevant, update it regularly with posts, promotions, photos, etc. to increase the amount of ways that users can reach you. With each new post, you will be more visible in searches. So, get started to make sure that your business is part of Google’s Search, plus Your World.

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